Thursday, September 11, 2008

on the train again

There is much blog updating to be done. I'm on a train from Leeds to London right now. I've been hiking (and successfully hitchiking! Pretend you didn't read that, mom!) on the Isle of Skye and in the Yorkshire Dales, driving through the highlands and spotting Scottish children's television celebrities (well, okay, one celebrity), listening to music in Leeds, dancing in the rain in the Glasgow Botanic Garden, and skinny dipping at midnight in a swimming pool in Ingleton.

I have some writing from my journal that I'll put up here when I have the inclination.

I hope the postcards have reached their destinations.

This afternoon I'm meeting my friend Caspar to check out his baby brain lab at Birkbeck College and this evening I'll be in Brixton at a fun, free music event organized by my friend Mike. A friend I met in Brazil who now lives in Amsterdam should be in London this evening too - it's going to be a pretty packed day!



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