Sunday, September 21, 2008

my body likes rest and play

I've finished reading Deborah's My Body, the Buddhist (gorgeous text - go and read it immediately) and I am taking my inspiration from her chapter titles.

I've worked out suitable places to practice for about three of the five hours of practice per week - still looking for more options that are not the living room or a concrete-floored and/or outdoor and/or public place.

Meanwhile, today I am stretching my body - particularly my right leg - back to a state of ease and calm after completing my longest single-day bike ride yesterday. Somewhere around 112-114 miles, give or take (not sure how long my detour was). It was an ambitious undertaking after being off the bike for the full duration of my trip to the UK. I was moving like molasses by the end - lots of achilles pain, which makes me think I may have had my saddle too high - but I did it. And then I hopped - filthy and aching - on the 1 train to ease my way home.

I found some journal entries from Scotland and England that I meant to post to the blog. I'll take care of that later.


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