Sunday, November 16, 2008

I have been so remiss!

in updating my blog, but a reminder that people whom I don't see on a regular basis actually read this thing has prompted me to add a new entry.

EVERYONE DIES...RIGHT? has come and gone.
It was a free performance on the 11th at the SITI Company studios created by and featuring:

Heather Acs, Amanda Capobianco, Davina Cohen, Alisa Matlovsky, Tina Mitchell, Jeremy Pickard, Evan Prizant, Maya Ray-Schoenfeld, and Sophia Remolde

sound design and live performance by: Christian Frederickson

stage management: Stephanie Pistello

direction and dramaturgy: J. Ed Araiza


My SEE buddy Adam Brock, who's pursuing his MFA in the Brooklyn College Performance and Interactive Media program videotaped the performance. I'm looking forward to watching it in full.


Sophia and I getting back into the swing of things with FINDING OM (aka the SIDDHARTHA thing). And I'm CRANING more.

I'm also gearing up for a workshop with Katie Duck later this week. And I've been reading the work of Irene Dowd and incorporating my understanding of it into the way I discuss alignment with my yoga students. Dowd teaches a drop-in class through Movement Research and I'm looking forward to attending it now that fall training is done.

I'm on hiatus from teaching public classes for the moment, but I'm assisting Julie Dohrman this Tuesday evening at Virayoga ( and should be teaching my own classes again soon, so stay tuned.


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