Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Los Angeles

is way more fun than most NYers and San Franciscans would have you believe.

I just returned from a wonderful weekend of time with Tony on his home turf.

We went to the beach three days in a row, sometimes graced with the company of Takahir"oooooooh" Yamamoto.

I got a pretty horrific (though cute in a Coppertone baby-esque way) sunburn on Sunday.

On Friday I went to an Anusara class in Silverlake and ran into actor and friend-of-many-friends Thessaly Lerner, whom I haven't seen in years. On Saturday I watched the Burning Wheel/SITI training compositions, planted some collaborative seeds, and met a bunch of warm, gregarious people including Jose Luis Valenzuela, Chair of the Directing Program at UCLA, and actor and playwright Evelina Fernandez who run the Latino Theater Company together in LA.

I also watched the movie Kung Fu Hustle, which has almost certainly changed my life.

Read about it here:

Monday morning we drove home. Tony drove most of the way.

Then I wiped the sleep from my eyes and did the final third.

Now we're back in San Francisco. Big Love rehearsals continue to be phenomenal and challenging. The show opens in a month.


Blogger Malachy Walsh said...

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10:29 PM

Blogger Malachy Walsh said...

And soon, this ex-SFer and ex-NYer will be in LA.

Glad to see you're scouting ahead of me.


10:29 PM


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