Monday, August 28, 2006

biking in Marin

We road around Lake Lagunitas and Lake Phoenix in Ross/San Anselmo. I am very proud of my bike (a Bianchi Volpe, for those who care and aren't already privy to this information), which, despite being fundamentally a touring bike, maneuvered quite gracefully around and over the rocks, gravel, and dirt. Now the ancient layer of city grime is buried beneath a newly acquired dusty stucco.

Thyona: Sometimes people talk a good game, but when push comes to shove they're weak right to the core.

Olympia: Except for Constantine.

Thyona: And except for me. I haven't given in either. This game isn't over till someone lies on the ground with the flesh pulled off their bones.

I think we should do that scene on bicycles.

Hard. Core.

This is Tony with a leaf on his head.

Guess who put it there.

This is the two of us hard at work on the courts at Dolores Park.

A pose.


Blogger londoninflames said...

i always enjoy your pics!

5:13 PM

Blogger D said...

Thanks! I've gone all camera-happy.

2:07 PM


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