Friday, February 20, 2009

24 degree weather

There is an irritating Dentyne ad on the that says:

"It's 24 degrees and sunny in New York City! Perfect weather to make some face time."

and it features a photo of two people in spring/summer garb sucking face in the grass

There is absolutely nothing perfect about 24 degree weather in NYC. Ice climbing, reindeer spotting, skiing, and glacier watching (or glacier-melt watching as the case may be) are among the handful of activities I can think of that are actually enhanced by 24 degree weather.

Commuting by bicycle in Manhattan is not among them. I know, I know, it's been colder this winter by far; but I was so spoiled by yesterday.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just for the random factor, that's my classmate's sister in the ad.

*raises glass* Here's to spring in a month and 'making some face time' in a park.

1:56 PM


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