Thursday, September 04, 2008


My friend and yoga teacher sent me this tidbit in an email:

"I am not showing anybody anything, I am inviting being seen in the practice of performance.

What if how I am seeing changes me? ---> This is something of great interest. In attempting to expand my visual field and to see on a 'cellular level' I have come to think about seeing as something that engages and encompasses all the senses. If every cell of my body is involved in the act of seeing, than the act of seeing involves all the functions of my body."

(the above is taken from my blog and below from her email)

"BKS Iyengar talks about this alot - in reference to our ability to use our senses stronger, better. It's what John simply calls "sensitivity" within Opening to Grace.
Iyengar says "develop eyes in each of the cells of your body, so when you turn inward on this Journey (he always capitalizes it), you have millions if not trillions of eyes
from which to work".


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