Sunday, March 18, 2007

photos from Brazil

After a blogging hiatus (partly induced by numerous computer woes), I'm back.

Here are some photos from my time in Brazil. I will post the rest as soon as I have time.

If you're in a photo and you'd like me to remove it from public view, I will gladly do so.

I'm back in NY, training with SITI (, auditioning, practicing at Vira ( and Shri ( There are many future plans in the works, but I'll wait until formal offers are made, contracts are signed, and arrangements are definite before posting any details.

In the meantime, I'm very disappointed to discover that the photos from my final three days in Brazil have vanished in the electronic maelstrom. There was a beautiful picture of me and Gra taken in this delightful vegan Indian sanctuary in Sao Paulo and some hilarious shots of me and Sintya wreaking havoc in Guarulhos (I really ought to have documented the comedy of errors that ensured en route to the airport).

The first of many:

taken on the balcony of Gra and Bruno's gorgeous apartment in Vila Madalena, Sao Paulo

in the studio at Lume with Julia, a woman I'm thrilled to have met. Generous, playful, honest, a brilliant polyglot, a dancing, singing sister. I look forward to the time that we work and play and celebrate together again (hopefully in Germany, where she lives).

one of the cachoeiras in Chapada Diamantina

rappelling from the top of Lapao cave

fresh agua de coco in Itacare

Felipe and Elena, two wonderfully generous people originally from Sao Paulo but now resident in Itacare (a town on the Bahian coast, about 7 hours by bus from Salvador), took me to their friend's home on some gorgeous and very fertile land. We bought a kilo of fish before leaving the town and made a huge feast with fruta pao (a tremendously sweet and starchy fruit), fish stew, fresh cocount water, and tabouleh with tomatoes, spinach, and cucumbers. More photos of our culinary adventures/gluttony to come.

Sintya and I leap tall buildings (or small gates) in a single bound.

that last one is in the same spot as the first, one month later (check out that gringa's tan!)


Blogger Jason said...

Cool pictures! I like it very much! I hope you enjoyed trip, like me when I visited last summer! I like it very much! Especially I like in Brazil property, their architecture are great! And of course wonderful beaches!
I'm planning go to Brazil next summer! I really want it!

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