Sunday, October 01, 2006

a mouse cut in two

(that Big Love reference, I discovered yesterday, appears in at least one other play by Chuck Mee, My House Was Collapsing Toward One Side)

We had a great show last night. As one company member said, there is a sense that we, as an ensemble, have plunged deeper into the text and we now swim, flail, and dance more fluidly through our choreography. A little more room to breathe.

We were oversold and added a row of chairs for last night's special wedding gala performance. People turned up in all sorts of wedding festoonery and Irvin and Marilyn Yalom, fantastic scholars who also happen to be foolsFURY artistic director Ben Yalom's parents, gave a talk on the Greeks, marriage, and the motifs in the play they found most compelling.

Scott Saul, a scholar (and my former babysitter!) on the English faculty at UC Berkeley was in the audience. He's the son of one of my mom's oldest friends and we had an evening that rocked my 8 year-old-ish world some 18 or so years ago when he and his brother babysat me. I have vivid memories of a carousel at the Santa Monica Boardwalk, my first experience gorging on Pringles, and a late-night viewing of Ghostbusters.

I'm on my way to LA in a few hours.

Adventures (and, of course, corresponding hair-raising reportage) are forthcoming.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry that I missed this exciting event! I so look forward to seeing this production!

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