Friday, September 22, 2006

an audience member speaks

My fabulous friend Steve Pawley saw the first Big Love preview this evening and had this to say:

I went to the first preview of Fools Fury's Big Love last night and it's definitely worth your time and hard-earned money! Fools Fury is one of the best 'next generation' theatre company's in town (check them out at and Davina has been a company member for some time. I've been lucky enough to work with their artistic director, Ben Yalom, in the past and have always been impressed with the work he and his company have produced. The work is very physical, informed by Suzuki and Viewpoints training.

Big Love is a slightly different look at love, sex, marriage and relationships (and many, many other things like tomatoes, suitcases and wedding cake) by Charles Mee. He summarizes it on his web site:

Big Love
Fifty brides flee their fifty grooms and seek refuge in a villa on the coast of Italy in this modern re-making of one of the western world's oldest plays, The Danaids by Aeschylus. And, in this villa on the Italian coast, the fifty grooms catch up with the brides, and mayhem ensues: the grooms arriving by helicopter in their flight suits, women throwing themselves over and over again to the ground, pop songs and romantic dances, and, finally, unable to escape their forced marriages, 49 of the brides murder 49 of the grooms—and one bride falls in love. About the same odds as today.

As you can see, it's got a little something for everyone! Plus it has the ever so wonderful Davina in a wedding gown slamming herself to the ground. What more could you want from an evening at the theatre!

I hope you can make it....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you "commission" this review? Only Kidding..Photo please..not necessarily of you slamming onto the ground..but in a wedding dress?!!!! Cannot wait to see you. Love you, MUM

10:35 AM

Blogger Caspar said...

I cannot darn well make it.. which is a manifold tragedy for, like her mother, I too have long been waiting for the opportunity to see Davina in a wedding dress. :-p

8:08 AM


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