Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Trannyshack 8/8/06 - the evidence

Here are some post-show gems from Stevie Nicks Nite at Trannyshack.


Moyshe ben Fisted

Moyshe and Cousin Harold

Moyshe and Rachel

There was a torrent of flashes during the performance so I'm sure I'll see some action photos in the next couple of days.

Thanks to my fantastically supportive posse - Paula, Enrique, Jason, Mei Ann, Eugenie, Laura, Rachel, Jomy, Jesse, Kevin, Karl, Mia (whom I didn't actually see!), Harold, and Josh.

Thanks to Falsetta Knockers for the tighty whities.

Thanks to Hebrew National for the kosher meat (!) products.

And, of course, big, juicy thanks and sploshes to my talented and trashy partner in performance crimes, Fauxnique.

I'll be scraping spirit gum off my body for weeks.


Blogger londoninflames said...

haha wonderful! wish i could grow a tache like that :)

9:02 AM


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