Friday, June 30, 2006

Too bad about her cousin, back in the 80s

I saw Dead City by Sheila Callaghan this evening and then I rode the 1 train home with Olymia Dukakis.

Well, not with her, per se: we were separated by about 4 feet, the space where the car doors open. But it was a largely vacant car. She wore flip flops and dark maroon polish on her toenails.

I spent a little while trying to think of something intelligent and specific to say to her, but the best I could muster was, "You're inspiring to me. I'm an actor who's just moved here from San Francisco. I've seen your work at ACT and elsewhere. So, thank you. [trademark, toothy/gummy D smile]" (I must say it's more her portrayal of Mrs. Madrigal in Tales of the City than her work at ACT that inspires me, but be that as it may...)

She thanked me. Then we rode in silence, reading our programs.


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