Tuesday, June 13, 2006

SITI Week 3

Our composition was tremendous fun!

A wonderful collaboration and a really inventive and energetic piece. In fact, all the compositions shown yesterday were so much closer to complete works of simultaneous surprise and inevitability than our collective attempt in week two.

We took most of our inspiration from Rocky and a little from Cabaret. I played Konstantin, a boxer, in a bout with Nina (played by a male actor). We had a female Trigorin and a male Arkadina. There were bells, sportscasters, LL Cool J, dances with towels, and surprise lightbulbs. We had feathers, a feather boa, and a burlesque-esque performance in fishnets, a bra, boxing boots, and undies by yours truly. Victory by knockout-kiss.

I'm feeling a little Seagull-ed out right now, but my new composition group had a great discussion last night and I'm excited to see where and how we plunge into the text anew tonight.

I forgot to publish this entry! I'm back! We've plunged!

I'm all wet.


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