Thursday, June 29, 2006

Equity Chorus Calls

I had my first one on Monday. It was for the role of 'young virgin' (I know, I know) in a Pirates of the Caribbean (!) inspired adaptation of The Pirates of Penzance. I was typed out.

I guess I'm insufficiently virginal in my appearance. Or maybe I handed them the wrong resume?

But, come on, doesn't every production need an eccentric/retarded/lesbian/other-automatically-comical-outsider-status-designator/unlikely virgin?

They don't know what they're missing.

Now, I'd like to see the Queer Pirates of Penzance (hello, Theatre Rhino, please rise to the challenge!). Or, really, anything with queer pirates.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What about Oakie's still-in-production "Maggots and Men" (, the story of Battleship Potemkin told with an almost entirely FTM cast? Or maybe it's time for a stage/screen adaptation of Burroughs' "Cities of the Red Night?"

8:20 AM

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