Friday, June 23, 2006

the day after

I got a bravo - several of them - and a hand on the heart from Ellen Lauren...a teacher and performer whom I've come to admire beyond words and by whom I am utterly inspired and moved.

I can think of one section that would have benefited from play in rehearsal (it involved heaping large amounts of dirt on someone's head, so we didn't practice it at all in the rehearsal room and I realize that there were a million other more interesting possibilities for performing that task than the one I chose ... and ones that would have served the jo-ha-kyu of the moment more powerfully...but, oh well, better luck next time).

All in all, it went very well. And I befriended a 5-ish-year-old girl who found herself (rather surprisingly) in the audience and really connected with my performance, despite the fact that it involved me having violent sex in the dirt with a horse-man.

My parents and aunt came to see the performance and sat next to Anne Bogart. During the intermission, my mother introduced herself. They had a brief conversation about San Francisco and then my mother said something like, "Well, you know Davina's moving back east" and Anne said, "It's been great having her here and working with her," to which my mother replied: "Well, make sure you have her phone number and give her a job!"

Excellent. :)

All the SITI Company members were such generous (and by "generous" I mean attentive and supportive, not sycophantic) audience members last night.

And incredible teachers throughout the summer.

One more day of Suzuki and VP, then more composition performances tonight, then we all get trashed, and tomorrow we go home.

Every year the SITI Company watches this ensemble grow before their eyes and vanish in an instant at the end of the month. I have a feeling we may be a particularly energetic and cohesive group (but perhaps every group feels that way)...but, as for the SITI Co members, all I can say right now:

blessed, brilliant bastards


Blogger Enrique said...

HA! Your mom rocks. Glad it went well--eager to hear more in person.

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