Tuesday, June 27, 2006


I'm excavating the drawers in my old bedroom right now in an attempt to reduce clutter in my family's perennially overcluttered apartment.

Among the things I found in a single drawer:

1) a letter of recommendation on my behalf dated 1998 from Austin Mitchell MP (Old
Labour MP for the Yorkshire fishing town of Great Grimsby)
2) numerous letters from my dance teacher written in the late 80s assuring me that
I'd recover from my injuries and dance again soon
3) bumper stickers that read:

"Homophobia is a social disease"
"Feminism is the radical notion that women are people too"
"Hatred is not a family value"
"I'm Pro-Choice and I Vote"

my personal favorites from the collection -

HMO Phobic
Get Your Rosaries Off My Ovaries

and, best of all,

4) a) A "Witness" (Witness being the underground newspaper I edited in
high school) t-shirt with a cartoon drawing of me and several high school classmates
floating in a raft
b) an ancient pink and orange NARAL t-shirt
c) a HUNS t-shirt ("painting our way to a brighter tomorrow" - a reference,
for those other than Rachel, who, I am sure, remembers, to the time someone was
caught cheating and we had to paint classrooms as pennance)
d) that hideous, god-awful Women's Issues club t-shirt with the ethnically ambiguous
women etched in purple on the front

I am definitely holding on to those t-shirts for the ole 10 year reunion next year.


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