Thursday, June 11, 2009

I have a website!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Yoga Thugs 3

Thursday, March 19, 2009



Saturday April 25 at 8:00
Sunday April 26 at 2:00 and 7:30

Frederick Loewe Theatre
New York University
35 West 4th Street
(between Washington Square East and Greene Street)

Two worlds collide as Blessed Unrest and the New York University Percussion Ensemble combine classical percussion and physical theatre. This explosive show is Blessed Unrest's second percussive theatre collaboration with NYU, following our sold-out run last year.

Music and Text by
John Cage, Thierry De Mey, Phillip Glass, Manfred Menke, Matt Opatrny, Emmanuel Séjourné, and Sam Shepard

Director Anna Kepe
Musical Director Jonathan Haas
Dramaturg Matt Opatrny
Stage Manager Jaimie Van Dyke
Lighting Design Benjamin C. Tevelow

Davina Cohen, Jason Griffin, Eliza Lay, Koji Ohashi, Margaret Perkins, and Hannah Wilson

Ticket info coming soon!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

stay tuned...

updates on

blessed unrest/nyu experimental perucssion ensemble collaboration @ NYU - April 25 and 26

I'll Crane For You adaptation performances at the nEW Festival (Philadelphia) and FURY Factory (San Francisco) - June 3-4 and 23-24

new yoga teaching schedule


random musings

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Friday, February 20, 2009

24 degree weather

There is an irritating Dentyne ad on the that says:

"It's 24 degrees and sunny in New York City! Perfect weather to make some face time."

and it features a photo of two people in spring/summer garb sucking face in the grass

There is absolutely nothing perfect about 24 degree weather in NYC. Ice climbing, reindeer spotting, skiing, and glacier watching (or glacier-melt watching as the case may be) are among the handful of activities I can think of that are actually enhanced by 24 degree weather.

Commuting by bicycle in Manhattan is not among them. I know, I know, it's been colder this winter by far; but I was so spoiled by yesterday.


Sunday, February 15, 2009

finally, an update!

I'm in London. Yep, London again. And plans may be in the works for me to return in the spring and perform my adaptation of I'LL CRANE FOR YOU. Funding and scheduling permitting, of course, which they very may well not do...but I've got my fingers crossed for this possibility!

When I return to New York I'll enter rehearsals for CoMotion, a collaboration between Blessed Unrest and the NYU Percussion Ensemble, which performs at NYU on April 25 and 26.

I'm also looking for a new home (not my actual home, that is) in which to practice and refine my CRANE adaptation.

Currently scheduled CRANE performances:

nEW Festival in Philadelphia - June 3-4
FURY Factory in San Francisco - June exact dates TBD
The Society of Dance History Scholars Conference @ Stanford University - exact dates TBD

I'm in London on my way back from Paris, where I met with Mathilde Monnier, spent several joyous days in the company of my fantastic friend Ben Evans, and fell in love with the Velib' system and the Mariage Freres tea house.

I also saw a delightful, hilarious performance

(this is the "family friendly" version)

In London I've had the pleasure of seeing the most recentComplicite show, my friend and fellow CRANE-r Genevieve Grady's performance at the Resolution! festival at the Place, and a great storytelling/monologue performance by the inspiring Jerome Bel.

I'm on my way out the door shortly to meet my friends Cloo and Guy and their lil' bebe for brunch before checking out a new (to me, anyway) yoga studio in Notting Hill and then meeting my friend Peter to see The Cholmondeleys and the Featherstonehaughs

at the Riverside Studios theatre.

Tomorrow I'm CRANE-ing and, well, planing as I head back to NY and hit the ground running (hopefully, without actually hitting the ground myself at any point without deliberately intending to do so). Rehearsals, Rachel's in town from California, finding a new space in which to practice CRANE-ing, preparing to go to Philadelphia, starting to teach a new class.

I will post the details for the class in a separate blog entry. Please join us and send your friends!

a bientot,

Saturday, January 03, 2009


I have been thinking more and more about my Duncan years and I came across this very cool, inspiring video on youtube:

I can't figure out how to embed the video in my blog.


Anyway, watch it - it's gorgeous.