Thursday, August 07, 2008

another little update

My first residency at The Field's fantastic FARSpace has almost come to an end.

I am so grateful to have been able to call the beautiful studio my home for the last several months.

Yogurt and Jam - my drop-in, weekly, all-levels yoga class for artists was a terrific experience. Thank you all so much for diving with such energy into your practice and helping me to cultivate my teaching skills in such a supportive and exploratory environment!

Sophia Remolde and I also used the space to train and to create the beginning of our piece inspired by Siddhartha, which we premiered (in its very early stages) at the Inbred Hybrid Collective's Book Club Burlesque on July 25th.

Thank you to Dominic Cloutier and Zarah Kravitz for prompting this collaboration!

We're going to develop the piece further and are seeking funding and an appropriate venue in NYC.


In other news, I've been assisting Julie Dohrman's Thursday night class at Virayoga, which has been another excellent experience all around. I expect I will continue to assist when I return from the UK.

I also had the opportunity beginning in early April and carrying on through June to participate in Lauren Flanigan's Viewpoints class for opera singers - I'm thrilled to be connected to this community of courageous and generous performers.

I'm teaching privately and am actively seeking new students of all levels. And I'm looking for the right studio environments for teaching group classes when I return from the UK.

Other than that, life's been full of culinary adventures (I've cooked and eaten ostrich and pork for the first time), cycling adventures (the trip to Saratoga Springs was a blast), and simple adventures of an uncategorizable sort (last night a stunning pink flower fell from a box and landed right next to me).

Okay, kids, that's all for now.



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