Saturday, May 24, 2008

fundraising update

I'm at $1325!

I only need $475 more for the commissioning fee!

Thank you

Viktor Bedo - Germany
Paul Traina - California
Iris Cohen - New York
Mick Mize - California
Gregory Serdahl - New York
Jeffrey Frace - New York
Gertrude Rudd - Florida
Brion Charles - California
Takahiro Yamamoto - California
Gabriella Szabo - New York
Shira Milikowsky - New York
Vira Yoga - New York
Susan Myhr-Fritz and Dan Fritz - New York
Bradford Crowell and Gary Koehler - California
Benjamin Evans - France
Helen Shemilt - England
Mei Ann Teo - California
Akiko Aizawa - New York
Emilie Rosenvallon - France
Philip Cohen and Susan Rudd Cohen - Florida
The Field - New York

To donate, please go to The Field website:

Enter "Davina Cohen" in the box that says "Artist Name" and then an amount of your choosing in the appropriate box below.

With gratitude,


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