Friday, October 26, 2007

I love to blog at the airport

It's true. I do. What the hell else is there to do when your flight is delayed by a minimum of 2 hours? I'm traveling to Miami (by way Fort Lauderdale) to participate in a workshop with Anusara founder John Friend and visit my parents when they return later this weekend from visiting my brother in Providence.

It's possible that the guy whose smashing white ensemble isn't emblazoned with the word "UNGAR" on it is my brother (it's also possible that the "UNGAR" guy is, but that seems unlikely). This photo appeared when I googled him and he is an Ivy League fencer.

The trouble with airport blogging, however, is that I infrequently have anything of interest to say while stranded in a noisy terminal. In fact, I have already blogged about Aunt Butchie's, a peculiar and perpetually closed vendor situated in the Jetblue retail nexus. I don't index my blog, though, so it appears impossible to search the blog archives for that riveting installment (undoubtedly made under similarly inspiring circumstances).

I have already eaten a salad with tuna and a luna bar and I remain absolutely, positively, menstrually ravenous. But it's 10 pm and I will do nothing but sit around in various positions for the foreseeable future. Energetically, I don't feel up to it; but it occurs to me that should I find myself in this situation again (and I surely will), I might try to start a group asana practice. That would be a great thing for a bunch of fidgety, airport-bound people still *waiting* to sit on a plane to do, no? Spontaneous "kula" and all that.

There's cute couple immersed in a heated game of backgammon behind me.

Well, I've got a grant application to finish, the Yoga Sutras to read, and an endless bounty of people-watching to keep me engaged until the flight shows signs of departing.


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