Sunday, September 30, 2007

I'm definitely back in NY

On Saturday evening, my first full night back in the city, I saw my friend Ally's play "The Will of the Cockroach" at Chashama. Then I came home and picked up the mail to discover that this week's Time Out has a special feature on NYC critters and I read the section on cockroaches. Then I went to another room in the apt to look for a shirt and when I turned on the light I heard, "t-k-t-k-t-k" and looked by the dresser to see a positively massive cockroach attempting to hide from the light.

I dug out a pair of black latex gloves (so multi-purpose! though originally purchased for activities deemed inappropriate for blog content by the central authorities at thesbian pulp, I have in the past used these gloves to sterilize small wounds and retrieve fallen jewelry and menstrual cups from the toilet) and the old can of Raid and went to town. I'm glad I didn't pass out. I wish there were something akin to a pooper scooper for picking up dead cockroaches so I wouldn't have to get so close to them and the horrific fumes. I speak from experience when I say that vacuuming a cockroach you've just drowned in poison doesn't work.

Welcome home!


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