Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I once was lost and now I'm lost...

posting from an internet cafe in Wilmersdorf. I think.

My Berlin stadtplan fell apart and I basically lost the Western half of the city. Normally, this presents kein problem, aber heute musse ich nach Charlottenburg und Wilmersdorf von Mitte gehen und Neukölln züruckgehen. I have no idea if I said that correctly. But anyway, the point is, I have gotten fantastically lost. I had planned to go the gym in Wilmersdorf and it's possible that I'll still make it if I ever find my way back to Hermannplatz.

I am actually pretty confident that I know the most direct route back to Hermannplatz - I am on a street that should eventually turn into Yorckstraße and subsequently Gneisenau and Hasenheide...and then I am at the gym. But it's more spannend if I pretend I have no idea.

But this is the first time I've gotten disoriented in Berlin and it's delightful. Fortunately, it's not raining anymore.

I just tried and failed to document this historic moment with the nearby webcam.

I am not far from here/hier, in any case.

And the "da da da" (ich lieb dich nicht du liebst mich nicht) song by Trio (you know, the one from the Volkswagen commercial) is playing on the radio.


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