Friday, September 28, 2007

homeward bound

I am enjoying my final few hours in Europe, slurping down a cup of tea I brought with me from Berlin while I see the sun subtly peeking between the clouds over South London. I see the Crystal Palace radio tower, dwarfing a nearby steeple that's infinitely lovelier.

I arrived in London on Wednesday afternoon and headed to Mike and Em's in Brixton for a few hours of relaxation and an afernoon chat. Then I saw A Disappearing Number, the latest Theatre de Complicite show at the Barbican Centre.

Complicite's Mnemonic changed my life. I saw them in my final year at Columbia and wrote an essay about the show for Michael Janeway's superb arts criticism course. Seeing Mnemonic was one of the experiences that instigated my decision to become an actor. It blew my mind and now, several years, time with SITI and foolsFURY and other forays into devised and collaborative theatermaking later, it was such a delight to see and have my breath taken away by another one of their shows. I loved it and managed to get sixth row center seats off the cancellation line. One day I will meet them.

Yesterday I met my friend Jo, a dancer and teacher whom I met in Brazil, for late afternoon lunch and then strolled, tea-ed, and read along the South Bank of the Thames. In the evening I met Caspar and Alexis for sushi before bouncing around at Offline at JAMM, a very relaxed, homey performance night organized by Mike. I heard some entertaining poetry, fun music, and had some highly amusing conversations.

It's back to NY this evening and off to rehearsal for Zen Cabaret tomorrow morning in Williamsburg.

See you all soon, on one continent or another.


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