Saturday, August 11, 2007

I am here

and having a fantastic time

It's 6:08 in the morning, I've just run to the theater from the house near the Holstebro train station and I'm about to do a little yoga in the white room. No one else has turned up to join me.

It stays light until 10...maybe later, but the sun never really seems to come up in the morning.

I have so much to write, but no time right now.

So, instead, I'll just copy Odin member Julia Varley's words, which she shared with us yesterday morning in a vocal work demonstration called "The Echo of Silence":

"I have chosen silence for my vocal demonstration because I guess I would like silence to sing."


Blogger Enrique said...

Say hi to Odin for me. And if you can hook me up with Thor, that'd rock. He hot.

10:30 PM


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