Saturday, April 14, 2007

some theatrical goings-on

Spring training with SITI ended yesterday with the usual demo in the studio and a beautiful party in a fantastic SoHo loft*. We take a little break before 365 Days/365 Plays at the Public.

I'll post more details as the shows near, but here's the preliminary info:

Thursday, May 24 at the Skirball Center at NYU
Sunday, May 27 (two shows also with INTAR and Atlantic Theater Co) at the Public Theater

all performances featuring members of the SITI Company with Davina Cohen, Jeremy Pickard, Rachel Bonds, Pip Smith, Jim Kane, Stephanie Pistello, Karen Grenke, Val McCann, James Ryan Caldwell, Kristin Slaysman, Victoria Chamberlin, Liz Stanton, Tasha Gordon-Solomon, and Amira Nader.

Live musical fabulosity by Christian Frederickson and Eve Miller of the band Rachel's

*the loft merits an entry all its own, but in brief:

wonderful to know that someone - two very generous people in this case - lives in such a beautiful space in Manhattan...spacious, airy, extraordinary carvings, outstanding large-format photographs framed in inventive ways (i.e. glass panes sewn together)...the white Eames chair in the corner with a single lamp, an exquisitely tossed book, and a subdued and complementary rug was the picture of serenity. It's gotta be like living in an altocumulous cloud. Except more geometric. And a loft. With wooden doors. And a fluffy, bronchitic dog. In SoHo.



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