Friday, March 30, 2007

a fantastic little song I learned in Brazil

I have been trying to figure out all the words to this song since I first heard it. Initially, knowing nothing about Iemanja (who, it turns out, is the same as Yemaya - a mother goddess who was initially associated with rivers, but eventually came to be linked to the sea - she is the mother orixa of Brazil), I presumed it was something about eating on the beach (Janga Beach, yellow fish ... "mangia" -- oops, wrong language!).

I now know, however, that it's actually a frevo song (and someone can - please! - jump in and correct me if I'm wrong), from the Recife area in the northeast of Brazil. The ciranda is, I think, the name of the dance I learned to accompany the song. It involves holding hands in a circle.

Frevo Ciranda

Eu fui na Praia do Janga
Pra ver a ciranda
E o seu cirandar.
O mar estava tão belo
E um peixe amarelo
Eu vi navegar.

Não era peixe, não era.
Era Iemanjá, a rainha.
Dançando a ciranda, ciranda.
No meio do mar...

It's quite a snappy tune.


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