Sunday, December 17, 2006

Where should you go for dim sum in NY?

Not Jing Fong (Canal and Elizabeth)! That's where Frank and I had brunch today. I'd return if circumstances required, but I certainly wouldn't recommend the place. The black sesame things were very tasty, but almost everything else was pretty lackluster. And there was a serious siu mai deficit by the time we arrived (and it was only 11:30). On the upside, it was pretty cheap, the staff was very friendly and the people at our table were pleasant in an appropriately distant, we're-all-stuck-at-the-same-table-in-this-weird-cavernous-former-department-store-esque-mess-hall way.

I did get two birthday meals today, though, and the second was courtesy of spontaneously jetsetting Cousin Harold. Franchia, sister tea house and restaurant to Hangawi, on Park between 34th and 35th. Yum, yum, chrysanthemum (I didn't actually have any chrysanthemum, though they do have chrysanthemum tea on the menu). I love kimchi pancakes.


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