Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Lark!

Several exciting things are happening tonight.

1) I am participating in the Lark Underground, an informal reading series at the Lark (the same place where I'm doing the formal reading of The Danger of Bleeding Brown on Thursday).

2) Enrique arrives from Providence this evening.

3) Something TBD (the presence of Enrique, Mike, and Emerald more or less guarantee unforeseen silliness of the most enjoyable variety)

stay tuned.


Blogger Malachy Walsh said...

Great seeing you.... also, nice pants!

8:28 AM

Blogger D said...

thanks! I am a fan of those pants, myself. In fact, I received an award for the Most Amazing Ass while wearing those pants.

Glad you liked 'em.


11:14 AM


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