Thursday, December 21, 2006

Can someone please recommend a good hair stylist in NY who won't bankrupt me?

I got my hair did, as Lil' Kim might say, the other day, and though I'm not horrified by the results, I'm not ecstatic either.

Somehow, my hair has gotten blonder and I want to restore it to a redder, more headshot-consistent hue. Meanwhile, the same dude who did the color also did the cut and he did a serviceable, but remarkably inelegant job.

I miss Andrea Bolding.

And, frankly, for the proce of a haircut from a "top salon" in NYC, I may as well fly RT to SF and have Ms. Bolding reenact her magic on my tresses herself.


Blogger Reb and Heidi said...

Go to the Beehive in Williamsburg. It's cheap and good. Well cheap is relative in this town, but they definitely know what they're doing. And the atmosphere feels like Seattle, which I know is not San Fransisco, but it's close.

10:56 AM

Blogger D said...


Who are you?

Welcome to my blog, in any case.

9:05 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

call Alyssa for some recs

5:13 PM

Blogger D said...

I got it covered, thanks.

George @ Dop Dop is the way to go.


10:31 AM


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