Sunday, November 05, 2006

here I go!

Last night before I went to sleep I saw something new.

I'd taken down the curtains and was staring, upside down, at the almost full moon. There was a beautiful, mysterious ring around the moon, a radiating lunar shadow in the dark sky above O'Farrell Street.

I looked into my neighbors' windows for the last time. I saw the way the really large building across the street, the one with the Korean restaurant, appears infinitely huge when viewed upside down.

I will never see that again, no matter how many times I visit San Francisco or even if I come back to live here one day.

I will never hear the contribution of my own quiet breathing to the soundscape - sometimes mellifluous, sometimes so cacophonous that earplugs can't guarantee a good night's sleep - of San Francisco ever again from that exact spot.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As we eagerly await your arrival in NYC..I cannot help but cry and smile as I read your beautiful, loving words..almost like a love letter to SF. We love you. MUM

2:49 PM


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