Monday, October 30, 2006

what to call this post?

Big Love is closed. The final show was fantastic - full house, people sitting on the stairs. I had a crazy cake-induced sneezing fit (3 times during the trial scene). Lots of friends in the audience. Amazing end to an amazing experience to an amazing period of my life. My first show as an Equity actor and my last show as a resident of SF for the foreseeable future.

We struck the set and repainted the theater black.

The two-week Suzuki and Viewpoints intensive with Leon and Akiko is finished. Ben and Wendy hosted an absolutely lovely dinner last night. The training was fantastic - the participants were strong and committed, a lot of people with previous experience and a lot of wonderful new folks.

I'm almost done packing. I laugh and cry about 10 million times a day. It has turned cold and grey here, which I suppose spares me from missing the weather in SF.

Today Tea and I are going to soak in Osento. Tonight there is a foolsFURY planning meeting, my last dance class with Ann Barrett (at least until my next visit to SF), and dinner with my friend Bill.

Now that everything is packed I'm not convinced that shipping is the most cost-effective (to say nothing of the physical hassle) way to send my stuff east so I am investigating moving companies.

But that's the boring logistical part of all of this...there's this whole other component to this transitional moment (but isn't every moment a transition from one thing to the next or one thing to more of that thing or ...?), too, and it has to do with love.

Love of how supportive the theater community is here, the love and caring and generosity of my friends, love that couldn't sustain itself, my love of San Francisco, which will definitely continue after I've left here...

Love. Big love.


Blogger Malachy Walsh said...

How about, PACKING...?

9:43 AM

Blogger D said...

I'm nearly finished - running around like a headless chicken today, but the movers come tomorrow.


1:04 PM


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