Sunday, October 08, 2006

Start spreadin' the news

I have given notice on my San Francisco apartment.

November 5 will be my final day of residence at Grimey Alley Estates. Then I'm off to LA for a couple of days, then on to NY for Frank's birthday/Mixfest/hang with the parents before they vanish to the perilous, sweaty depths of Miami/reconnect with the homeland time. Then it's back to San Francisco for a week to work on the next phase of development of the foolsFURY project formerly, currently, but probably not subsequently known as Monster In The Dark. Then back to LA.

We've got two more weekends and one Monday night scheduled for Big Love, plus a probable extension through the 28th. Then the parties and partings begin. Packing, I am pleased to report, is already in progress.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

WOW! Organization is thy middle name? Since when? I am in shock! Love you MUM

8:16 AM


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