Saturday, October 21, 2006


I'm off to NY on the 5th. No LA.

Read between the lines.

Hugs graciously accepted.

Onward and eastward.


Blogger Malachy Walsh said...


Well, NY will do well by ye.

Best of luck.


12:44 PM

Blogger D said...

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7:13 PM

Blogger D said...

thanks, mister.

Hey, at least I had the good (?) fortune to stumble upon some photos of me and a previous ex while I was packing. Nothing like a reminder of another relationship that went belly-up (and yet I'm still here and still perfectly capable of experiencing heartbreak of unprecedented proportions despite the extreme agony of the last one) to, uh, soothe the ache.

Okay, that's enough of that personal drama. This here blog's around for *professional* reasons, I say. ;) If I were a celebrity, this blog would be full of exciting gossip. woo.

Oh, for god's sake - iTunes shuffle just selected a song called "Long Distance" for me.

7:16 PM

Blogger Adam Szymkowicz said...

see you soon.

2:43 PM

Blogger D said...


6:23 PM


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