Thursday, July 13, 2006

Bizzy with the Bizness

So, I'm back in San Francisco.
I'm elated to be here.

I've not managed to return to KK's classes at Yoga Tree yet due to my schedule, but I've been back to ODC and spent lots of time with the foolsFURY folks. I taught a two day workshop for teenagers with my fellow fF member, Deborah, and I'm about to conclude my week of teaching a particularly volatile group of 10-14-year-olds at the SF Arts Ed program at the SF School of the Arts. The foolsFURY adult intensive begins next week and I'm teaching evenings with Brian, Ben, and Mia.

Upcoming performances:

**Saturday, July 22 @ 3 pm @ Z Space Studio (131 10th St between Mission and Howard) in San Francisco: The foolsFURY Required Summer Reading Salon featuring the wild experiments of mad theater artists Mia Rovegno, Brian Livingston, Katy Hilton, Laley Lippard, Marissa Wolf, Angie Bush, and yours truly.

**Saturday, July 29 @ 4 pm @ The Magic Theatre (Fort Mason Center) - a staged reading of Enrique Urueta's The Danger of Bleeding Brown presented by the Bay Area Playwrights Festival. I'm very excited to continue working on this play - such a fierce piece of writing, anticipate equally fierce performances.

**Sunday, July 30 @ 12 pm @ The Magic Theatre (Fort Mason Center) - a staged reading of Tim Bauer's Beyond Words part of the Bay Area Shorts program in the BAPF. I haven't seen the script yet, but I hear fantastic things and I get to play a Hungarian pop star.

**Sunday, August 6 @ 8 pm @ The Magic - another performance of The Danger of Bleeding Brown

**Opening Sunday, September 25 @ TJT in San Francisco - Big Love by Charles Mee presented by foolsFURY and directed by Laley Lippard. Details forthcoming.

Yes, this means I won't be back in NY until October/November.

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and, as always,

And, in closing this post, I have to put this picture out into the universe one more time because I love it.


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