Wednesday, May 31, 2006

SITI Day 3 tells me it's 70 degrees outside. That may be true, but in my room it's at least 80 with the humidity/sweat/tiger balm factor.

I'm doing laundry, eating cashews, and drinking tea (fuckit, factor that in with the heat).

I continued my dance with death today, also known as basic #4. There was one moment where I felt a little closer to successful execution of that form...and by 'successful' I mean simultaneous, oppositional action within my center and my feet didn't slide all over the place.

I keep hearing J Ed's voice in my head - "bring yourself to the point where you're just about to fall over and then stop yourself [from falling.]" It's convenient, his voice in my head, since he's not actually here (but he will be next week).

But, definitely, I learned something about up and down and about my ankles and their pronation problem (which, on the whole, is gradually shifting to a stronger, less pronated place).

We watched a video of an 82 production of Suzuki's The Trojan Women (review here: featuring the inimitable Kayoko Shiraishi.

Time to ponder our composition, sweat it out while the clothes dry, and collapse in a heap.



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