Tuesday, May 30, 2006

SITI Day 2

I think the biggest challenge facing our composition for next week is energy, or lack thereof, at the end of a day of training. I want to soak in the bath right now, not traipse through the rain to look at sites around campus for our piece. The bottoms of my feet hurt.

I continue to learn so much about the differences between my right and left sides. Basic #1 on the right side poses very differeny challenges than basic #1 on the left. My hips are a little different - specifically, I think, my psoas, to say nothing of my knees.

This electronic transmission must be interrupted for a recognition of:

stunning thunder. A glorious summer storm.

I should change in preparation to stroll through the rain with my composition group.

In other news: Basic #4 used to be my nemesis. Now, I think, we are on the path to becoming fiery, violent lovers.

hot cha!

Well, we looked at a whole bunch of neat sites and slogged through our highlighted Seagull texts.

And now, to bed!


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