Sunday, May 28, 2006

downtown Saratoga Springs

What a beautiful place. I've been wandering around town for about two hours.

We drove from Carol's house to Saratoga (TOGAmura...cue spooky music) this morning. Tobias had the privilege of sitting in the front seat next to my father, who has become an exceptionally agitated, easily distracted, anxiety-ridden driver. HE panics about not having precise directions, is easily disoriented, forgets directions he's just received, and requires that the person to his immediate right supply him with a continuous stream of Diet Coke to keep him in some kind of chemically hydrated stupor. As an unfortunate side effect, he also flatulates copiously whenever we stop and he gets out of the car. I suppose this is measurably better than having him fart *in* the car, but I'm sure he let 'em rip while we were all asleep (and who could blame him?). In addition to receiving the dual desgination of official soder pourer and navigator/peacekeeper, Toby got to stare at a splattered insect carcass on the windshield directly at eye level and, later, an ample glob of bird poop.

In any case, I'm here. Eating wasabi tuna and veggies and feeling terrifically excited.

Looking at the contact list, there seems to be a lot of people from Australia, a smattering from Europe, one person from Brazil, one person from Malaysia, two from Canada, and a bunch from all over the States. Eric Miller (of TJT fame) and some other people originally from the Bay Area are here.

And I'm here. With my foolsFURY water bottle. And a book full of Chekhov plays. And some new text to memorize. And an (illicit?) crockpot so I can make tea in my dorm room. And probably way too much clothing.

Stay tuned.


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